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Intelligent Security Solutions For Intelligent Solution Seekers

- A Leading Security System Integrator
- Advancing with Security Technology
- Provider of elegant Security & Latest Cutting-Edge Technology

We Provide Verified & Secured Services

- A Leading Security System Integrator
- Advancing with Security Technology
- Provider of elegant Security & Latest Cutting-Edge Technology

About Our Company

Since its inception in 2004, we at IONS help build, connect and protect valuable assets and infrastructures. From home user network to industrial support and supplies, video surveillance applications and prevention system, we offer complete solution and intelligence that create a reliable and resilient system. Through our demonstrated competitiveness, dedication and experience, we drive efficiency and effectiveness to benefit our clients. We are here to offer the next paradigm in security solutions with high technology capabilities to any organization or facility.


We Offer Valuable Services To Our Clients While Maintaining Utmost Level Of Professionalism And Without Compromising The Quality Of Work.

Pre-installed inspection/ Site survey

Before any system is installed, a pre-installation inspection with client is carried out determine the most convenient and strategic location of the various components and controls of the system. This is aimed at providing easy access on control to the user and also for the servicing of the system.


We only provide good and quality materials to ensure reliability and longer lifespan of the system. A good system without a backing of good installation method and materials will not be as reliable or as lasting as it should be at the expense of the owner.

After-Sale Services

Electronic products might be down or not working properly for some time and we do provide fast maintenance service to ensure system can recover so that the owner will not be inconvenient or feel insecure for too long.


Video Surveillance

1. AI Solutions (Artificial Intelligence)

2. Security Cameras (CCTV)

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Access Control

1. Biometrics

2. Card Access

3. Facial Recognition

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Intruder Alarm System

1. Intrusion detection

2. Alarm Video verification

3. Fog security verification

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Smart Solutions (IOT)

1. Smart Home

2. Smart Building

3. Smart Community

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Intercom System

1. Video Intercom

2. Audio Intercom

3. App Based Intercom System

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Body Worn Camera

1. Live Surveillance

2. 5 mega-pixel recording

3. GPS Tracking & Night vision

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Shadow Track & Monitoring Device

1. Rapid Installation

2. Emergency Button

3. Water Resistant

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Centralized Monitoring Stations

1. Fleet Management Monitoring

2. Alarm System Monitoring

3. Video Surveillance Monitoring

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Project Management

1. Video Intercom / Audio Intercom / App Based Intercom System

2. Single Door Systems

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Our Vision

To be a renowned and innovative smart security systems provider in Malaysia.

Our Mission

  • To provide high quality and reliable products.
  • To establish a wide network of support team.
  • To continuously provide professional and efficient service to all clients.
  • To serve the community with honour, committed to moral responsibility and passion for quality.


Retail Management Solutions (IoT)

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Project Management and Consultations

We provide project consultancy and management services to our clients who require them. It is often for the purpose ...

Customized Security
Design & Implementation

Clients who request for integration of security solution for their existing infrastructure, business model and processes to assist in developing a solution

Residential & Commercial (ELV) Partners

ELV System for Buildings or extra-low voltage System deployed in residential and commercial buildings for the purpose ...

Smart Home Security

A smart building is any structure that uses automated processes to automatically control the building’s operations including heating

Fleet Management

Fleet Management is a function which allows companies which rely on transportation in business to remove or minimize the risks ...