Intercom System

A. Video Intercom / Audio Intercom / App Based Intercom System

Intercom systems for both front door and multi-entry buildings provides flexible, secure and easy surveillance for apartment buildings and homes, no matter how many doors need to be covered! With a variety of models to choose from, the systems give you peace of mind by guarding and securing your property.

Single Door Systems

Single door models have the flexibility to suit the size your house or business needs, whilst watching over the safety of your entire property. Our premium wireless system gives you full control of the entrances and exits of your property through the use of multiple door stations, electronic locks, monitors, sub monitors and wireless sensor cameras. A smartphone connect model is also available, giving you the freedom to monitor and control your entire system directly from your smartphone or tablet with our dedicated app.

Multi Door Systems

Our multi-door systems allow for flexible layouts, easy installation and operation, as well as huge levels of safety in residential and commercial surroundings as well as bigger and more complex installations. We provide analogue and IP based systems which work and integrate with a wide range of devices, such as CCVE cameras, PBX systems, terminals, SIP phones and Network Recorders – all suitable for both residential and commercial buildings.

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